“All you need is just a second”, is my debut book. Quite opposite to the title, it took me, 5,184,000 seconds to complete my book. But the content in the book isn’t opposite to the title, it justifies the title completely. I don’t want to take more seconds to tell you about what I authored. So my debut book is about different situations we face in our daily life and how a single second acts as a catalyst in determining the type of reaction we give in such situations. I spoke about 17 different situations, with 17 different emotions and how a single second of reaction in each situation taught me the importance of thinking before reacting.

I wouldn’t ask you to behave or react the way I did, after reading the book. Like how we learn from examples, I wanted all of you to read the book as an example to ‘how not to react’ and to practice the art of thinking before reacting.

We experience many emotions in our daily life, and reacting to these emotions is quite common. Though we react differently to each emotion we experience, the consequences of those reactions are something that always comes along.

But, have you ever noticed that it takes just a second to either experience or to react to those emotions in any situation?

We usually have two choices to make – how to react and how not to react in any situation involving an emotion. But, to decide which reaction is apt, ‘All you need is just a second.’

This book is all about the different emotions I have encountered personally and the consequences that came along. This would surely allow even you to perceive emotions and reactions from a different perspective when you start to think first before you react.


Authored | Insidersthoughts